District Diagnosis

Uncovering the Root Causes of Problems and Solving Them

Teachers and administrators are making decisions about what to teach, how to teach, and how to implement classroom management.

While they gather data to guide them in the decision-making process, they may not be executing the measurement, assessment and evaluation process in the most productive way or thoroughly.

Our approach to identifying and solving your school’s problem is a four step approach.

  1. Measurement
  2. Assessment
  3. Formulating a Plan of Action
  4. Evaluation and Refinement


The measurement process, as it applies to education, is not substantially different from when it is used in any other field.  Using the same techniques used in the business world is just as effective in education.  Gathering qualitative and quantitative data is one of the four steps in obtaining reliable results. When used properly, they accurately gather data for educators and administrators.  Our professionals use qualitative research such as focus groups and interviews and quantitative data such as raw scores, percentile ranks and standardized test scores.


After gathering data, it must be analyzed by objective, seasoned, and experienced professionals.  Our professionals ensure the reliability and validity of the analysis. In other words, an assessment must provide consistent results and it must measure what it claims to measure.  Initiating change without this assessment will not only fail to correct a problem, it can create new ones.  We use reliable methods including a unique data analysis approach that delivers a more accurate perspective to ensure the trustworthiness of the assessment before proceeding with creating a customized plan to correct problems and reach goals.

Plan of Action

A plan of action must be specific and clear and include measurable elements.  We customize a plan of action for each school based on valid, data driven measurement and assessment.  We are an active participant in executing the action plan to ensure that teachers and administrators stay the course.

Evaluation and Refinement

Evaluating the results is equally important to the success of the plan.  Evaluation of results must be ongoing and frequent. Administrators and teachers must be prepared to re-evaluate the results and fine tune or adjust the plan as needed.  The nature of formative assessments lend themselves to change and adjustment and this is one of the keys to success in effecting change.

Our team of experts, with a record of success can bring that success to your school or district.  Call us to arrange a Creative Development Session which will customize a plan for your needs.