Our workshops equip teachers with hands-on materials, activities, assessments, and lesson plans that can be implemented in the classroom the very next day. Rather than telling teachers what they have to create for their classrooms, we take them through the lessons and activities, suggesting and demonstrating various techniques to achieve the best results with their students.

Teachers leave our workshops confident and experienced in using the new tools and perspectives in their classrooms. To achieve this level of instruction, we limit participation in our workshops to ensure that all participants are engaged.

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NEW!  Microaggression and Social Justice In the Classroom:  A powerful, must-have PD for all teachers.  Full-Day

This compelling, interactive full-day Professional Development session will give your teachers the insight and tools they need to have to effectively deal with microaggression in their classrooms

Presenter:  Dr. Valorie James – recognized Microaggression Scientist.
Ideal for all teachers and administrators

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Social Awareness:  Instilling Social Awareness into Your Current Curriculums.  Full-Day

Participants will learn how to seamlessly incorporate social awareness activities and lessons into existing curriculums. The benefits of social and emotional learning (SEL) will be examined and discussed.

Learning Styles:  Identifying and understanding students’ learning styles will enable teachers to increase effectiveness in the classroom.   Full-Day

Attendees will discover how to modify their instruction to motivate and reach students with different learning styles. By uncovering their own learning and thinking styles, teachers will be able to improve their relationships in the classroom and among the faculty. They will also discover new ways to deal with out-of-esteem behavior.

Vocabulary:  It’s more important than ever.  Learn how to teach words and definitions so students remember what they learn.    Full-Day     * Ideal for Test Preparation

Attendees will learn the 10 learning modalities that help put vocabulary into students’ long-term memories focusing on academic and domain-specific words. Attendees will participate in using new strategies for teaching vocabulary, examine the essential pedagogy, engage in fun activities, and play powerful word-games that can be immediately emulated in the classroom.   (includes materials for teachers).

How to Improve Writing and Conventions with Grammar-Based Writing Lessons.    Two Full-Days     * Ideal for Test Preparation

Learn why grammar should not be taught in isolation but rather as writing revision lessons. This workshop will cover the entire spectrum of grammar from parts of speech to compound complex sentences and will immediately apply each lesson to writing revision. Teachers will learn strategies to shift the responsibility for revision from teacher to student and enable students to improve conventions in their writing.   (includes materials for teachers)

Writing Informational Papers:    Full-Day

Discover how to teach the note-taking and outlining process that lays the foundation for an informational paper. Learn how non-fiction conventions factor into the writing process of an informational-based paper and discover strategies to empower students to research and write independently. (includes materials for teachers)

Writing an Argument:    Full-Day

Learn how to teach students to argue a position and defeat an opposing side using text evidence.  Examine a series of writing strategies and structured lesson plans that take students from assignment to creation and then to revision. (Suitable for LA, science and history teachers.)  (includes materials for teachers)

Narrative Writing:  the creative writing process.    Full-Day     * Ideal for Test Preparation

Explore the narrative writing process from personal memoir to original short story. Turn narrative writing into group projects supported by powerful, writing strategies that produce authentic characters, memorable settings. intense conflicts, and strong themes in independent writing.  Also, discover how these skills can be used to respond to literature on the NJSLA and other assessments.  (includes materials for teachers)

How to Teach the Novel:  Half-Day

This workshop will offer timelines, blueprints, and templates that will organize and advance the teaching of a novel.  Attendees will receive and adapt a planning guide for a novel that includes character analysis, plot development, interpretation of quotes, assessing the importance of setting and identifying literary conventions.  Protocols for the culminating activity of a Socratic discussion will be demonstrated and concrete methods of assessing participation will be presented as participants conduct a mock Socratic seminar.   (includes materials for teachers)

Creating Greater DOK Questions and Assessments:    Half-Day      * Ideal for Test Preparation

Examine how greater DOK (Depth Of Knowledge) questions are constructed, learn to identify the kinds of greater DOK questions, and receive templates that enable you to quickly and easily create these kinds of questions for your classroom.  Discover how these kinds of questions mirror the multiple-choice items on the NJSLA and other assessments.  (Suitable for LA, science and history teachers.)   (includes materials for teachers)

Improving Literacy and Reading Comprehension:  specific and measurable strategies to use before, during, and after reading.    Half or Full-Day      * Ideal for Test Preparation

Learn specific strategies to apply before, during and after reading to achieve comprehension including the “read aloud” and the “think aloud.”  Teachers in all subject areas can benefit from this workshop.  Presenter:  Kathleen Menconi     (includes materials for teachers)

Multiple Choice Strategies:  “HOT SKILLS” – Higher Order Thinking - Strategies.  (Recommended with our on-line HOT Skills Lessons)      Half-Day     * Ideal for Test Preparation

Learn how to distinguish between correct answers and best answers in multiple choice questions.  These on-line lessons show students how to utilize powerful strategies that enable them to choose the best answer on standardized tests by accurately interpreting questions and recognizing distractors.  This workshop is geared toward RAISING NJSLA SCORES.

Close Reading:  what it is, how to teach it, why it works.    Full-Day      * Ideal for Test Preparation

Attendees will learn how to transform a piece of literature into a close reading lesson. Participants will examine sample close reading lessons that demonstrate the protocol, and receive templates that can be used to create their own close reading lessons.  Teachers will learn the strategies that enable students to mine literature for meaning and message. (includes materials for teachers)

K – 2 Teaching Strategies:    Half-Day        * Ideal for Test Preparation

Examine multi-tiered lessons and powerful reading and writing strategies.  These master lessons begin with a grade-appropriate text and end with writing an essay based on a text-based claim.  The workshop shows teachers how to prepare students for the rigors of 3rd grade standards and requirements for making and proving claims with text-based evidence.  (includes materials for teachers)

In-Class Coaching and Mentoring

In a non-threatening atmosphere, our consultants observe classes and debrief teachers to improve classroom management, student accountability, use of class time, adherence to standards and lesson planning strategies.

Custom Workshops 

Call us for a custom workshop to meet your specific needs.