Raising Test Scores

Clements Education has the ONLY test prep program
geared toward Standardized State Tests.

Our grade-specific HOT (Higher Order Thinking) Skills Lessons program teaches students how to think for a distractor-based multiple choice test (Evidence Based Selected Response, Technology Enhanced Constructed Response) where students are not required to find the correct answer but the BEST answer.

While classroom assessments are often open-ended and comprehension-based, the State Tests, the SAT and ACT are structured tests where more than one answer is plausible but only one scores points.

The ability to recognize distractors, keep answers text-based and eliminate close but flawed answers enables students to ace high-stakes tests with this program.

Our client schools have increased passing rates up to 48% using our HOT Skills Program.

If you are not in New Jersey, contact us for specifics about your State Tests.