Clements Education, the premier ELA educational organization in New Jersey, transforms teaching theory and social needs into actionable classroom instruction achieving social awareness while adhering to standards-based competencies.  Delivering the highest quality K-12 professional development services, Clements Education’s seasoned professionals bring experience and a track record of success to our client districts.

With our collection of research-based workshops, assessment tools, socially aware and standards-based curriculums, e-based learning resources, instructional materials, grammar-based writing programs, on-site coaching, and on-site district diagnoses protocols, we tailor solutions to your school’s or district’s unique needs and help achieve substantive and lasting results.

Having led struggling districts into the spotlight of success and blue ribbon districts into greater advanced proficient levels, we deliver desired results.


Hundreds of Lesson Plans with actionable tools and techniques, along with online and in-person support, to ensure that the program works for students and teachers.


Clements Education has developed and delivered proven Workshops for educator of grades 3 - 12 in public, private and home school environments


Comprehensive training in vocabulary and expository writing assist educators in preparing students for in-school and standardized tests, resulting in improved PARCC scores.

Grammar Instruction

Since grammar instruction taught in isolation has proven ineffective, Clements Education has developed grammar-based writing revision lessons that incorporate essential skills that achieve conciseness, correctness, clarity, and variety in sentence structure. 

In-Class Support

Our on-site services in the field of IN-CLASS SUPPORT place an expert in your district and in individual classrooms. 

District Diagnosis

Since each district is as unique as its student body, the root causes of problems can vary considerably.  We send in experienced professionals to develop a DISTRICT DIAGNOSIS which we use to outline practical solutions. 

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