Writing Revision Lessons

“There is no such thing as a well written essay, only a well REWRITEN (REVISED) essay!”

Revision IS NOT correcting spelling and punctuation.

Revision IS making an essay stronger, more impactful, clearer and more concise by incorporating specific writingconventions and proper grammar.

Revisions achieve clarity, correctness, conciseness and variety in sentence structure which is the criteria of for essays onthe NJSLA, SAT, ACT, and college entrance exams. They show how to achieve appositives, parallel structure, verbals and verbal phrases.  

In each lesson, students immediately apply learned revision skills to provided grade-level student essays by following specific directions for each sentence.

The lessons demonstrate how to complete a series of Revision Laps, a critical skill for improving an essay.  Each lesson focuses on a different skill.

Easy for the teacher to implement in the classroom, every lesson includes a step-by-step lesson plan, all materials, assessments, and answer keys.